Hughes Public School
1920 was a year of division for the school.  The older students were taught in the Methodist
Church by its first male teacher, Rev. R. A. Teeter.  Miss Alice Moore held her school in the
house formerly owned by Mrs. S. C. Russwurm.  But Miss Moore married school board
member T. H. Tucker and her term was finished by Miss Dell Flood, a sister of Mrs. C. W.
Hulen.  Another teacher, Mrs. Moss was added to the faculty and her school was held in a
"shotgun" house on Peckerwood Row, which is now known as Maple St.

In 1921 Mr. J. L. Nelson  was employed as the principal of the school and held his classes in
the Methodist Church. Miss Minetta Swan replaced Miss Flood.  

On June 21, 1921 with only three teachers,  Mr. Nelson, Miss Swan, and  Mrs. Moss, a
far-sighted school board voted for purchasing land and construction of a High School
building.  Members responsible for this action were R. C. Nickle, R. B. Wise, and T. H. Tucker.  
Among the comments made at this meeting were that the new school building would never
be used.  There would never be enough students for such a tremendous building. This year
marked the first time for the school to have more than six grades.
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