Hughes Public School
1922 saw the addition of another teacher to bring the faculty total to four.   In addition to Mr.
J. L. Nelson, and Miss Swan, a Miss Janie Love, sister of Mr. Gordon Love and a Mrs. Robert
Dudley was employed.  Mrs. Dudley added a great deal to the life of the school as she was
able to play the piano well, and had a flair for drama. She directed several school plays during
her tenure.  

Water was kept outside in a large barrels during those days and practical jokers Herod Wise
and James Collier had no hesitancy about  dropping frogs into the drinking water and
enticing such school citizens as Don Goodwin into drinking from the barrel and then
revealing the frog inside.

1922 was the year of the first eight grade graduation.  That class consisted of Roy Curtis, Tom
Payne, Louis and Ruby Stoddard.

1922 was also the year the new Hughes High School was dedicated.
The New Hughes High School  
(Picture from 1942)
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