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In 1941 the students of Hughes High School decided it was time to create the first school
yearbook.  The yearbook they created was "The Blue Banner".  Although the yearbook
seemed to please everyone, new editions were not printed in the following years.  In 1951
the students of Hughes High initiated a new yearbook, The Blue Devil.   

The staff of the Blue Banner yearbook were as follows:
Editor-in-Chief - Madeline Walls
Business Manager - Billy Sims
Associate Editor - Ruth Capps
Assistant Business Manager - Katherine Compton
Sports Editor - S. T. Johnson
Feature Editor - Mamie Lou Henderson, LaVerne Thompson
Typists - Estelle White, Katherine Compton, Dot Able
Advertising Managers - Martha Little, Annette Batchelor
Circulation Managers - Bruce Hopper, Douglas Griggs
Art Editor - Ruth Capps
Snapshot Collector - Shirley Beene
Production Manager - Raymond Flowers