Hughes Public School
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1947-48 saw the Recreator added to the campus just to the rear of the Smith Hughes building.
The Recreator was a building ahead of its time.   It was basically a building for student  to play
games, cards, ping pong etc. or just to bide their spare time. School dances were also held in
this building. The Student Printz of the time states that a record player was donated for the
Recreator and that students could listen to popular music of the time. Miss McKemie said it
was lovely with new chrome trimmed plastic covered furniture, games, etc.  The Recreator
seems to be used only for that purpose for just a few years.  By the early 1950's it was a
non-issue building and only used for dancing classes or for band practice.  After just a short
ten years in use the building was torn down in 1958.

1947-48 also saw the completion of a new primary building, used for grade 1 and 2.  

An additional surplus building for the grades was added just to the rear of the elementary
building.  This building became known as the Third Grade building.  After the Recreator was
removed this building became the place most student of the late 1950s and early 1960's took
dance lessons.   This building was torn down in 1963.

During this school year a new state wide club was added to the extra-curricular activities.
Because of the great shortage of teachers through the country, a future teachers club was
formed to spark interest in the students in a teaching career.  In Hughes the group
was called the Pearl Russwurm Future Teachers Association in honor of Mrs Russwurm a
popular grade school teacher of the time.  This club was the fifth one formed in the state.

New teachers added to the faculty in 1947-48 were:
Mrs. Charles Sorrells, 3rd Grade
Miss Joyce Clark, 1st Grade
Mrs. Ruby Davenport, 3rd and 4th Grade
Mr. O. E. Worrell, Principle/Science
Mrs. O. E. Worrell, Librarian
Miss Annie Ruth Sample, English
Mr. Charles Rose, Social Science
Mr. W. R. Olive, Agriculture
The Recreator
(Pictures are from 1951- 52)
(No front of building pictures have been found, but the building is of
the same design as the Third Grade building)
The Third Grade Building
(Pictures is from 1951)
The Primary Building
(Pictures are from its completion in 1948)