Hughes Public School
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1950-1951 was the year that the school yearbook was published anew at Hughes High.  This
was the first school yearbook since the original Blue Banner yearbook was published in 1942.
The Blue Devil yearbook has been published every year from 1951 through at least 2003.

For a second time the Blue Devil's football team were the 6-B District Champions.  Members
of the team were:  Johnny Watts, Paul Stovall, Lamar Beasley, Rufus Littell,  Jack Grammer,
Leon Beene, Bobby Collier, Billy Griggs, A. L. Black, Billy Brown, Bert Pouncey, Leroy Perkins,
Billy Cupples, Wayne Haley, Joe Morris, Fun Fong, Gene Arnold, Herbert Collier,  Ralph
Griggs, Billy Prescott, Joe Bill Little, Rex Batchelor, Yet Lock, Jean Kelly, Jerry Little, Cecil
Goacher, Roy Knighton

New teachers added to the faculty in 1950-51 were:
Miss Mary Alice Cook, 3rd Grade
Miss Ethel K. Lewis, 5th Grade
Miss Wilma Barkley, Home Ecomonics