Hughes Public School
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In September 1954 a new Cafetorium was opened at the Hughes School campus.  The
Cafetorium had all the latest conveniences of the time such as freezers, gas fire kettle,
bakers ovens, steam and cold food serving tables, it even had air conditioning.  The
Cafetorium could seat 180 people at a time and had a stage for programs.  Former students
remember the Cafetorium as the place that many Jr./Sr. Proms took place as well as
Homecoming dinners for alumni.  It was also used by the community for bingo games and
Rotary and Lion Club meetings.   The Cafetorium consisted of seven classrooms, a sickroom,
and a teacher lounge.  Between 1956 and 1960 an additional two classrooms along with a
covered walkway from the new high school building were added to the north end of this
building, but no record has been found marking the date.

During this year the Hughes Band was revitalized.  The first concert of the band was on April
22, 1955.  Director Ralph Boyden showcased the talent of the band in a combined concert
with the Olive Branch, Mississippi Band which was also under his direction.  In order to
purchase uniforms the band initiated candy sales.

New teachers added to the faculty in 1954-55 were:
Miss Sara Brandon Fordyce, 1st Grade
Miss Pauline Henry, 2nd Grade
Miss Reda Brown, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Kermit Hinesley, 4th Grade
Mrs. J. O. Davis, 6th Grade
Mrs. Lewis Coalter, 6th Grade
Mrs. Irene Edwards, 1st Grade
Mr. Kermit Hinesley, Math
Mr. Milton Steele, Social Science
Miss Carolyn Haynes, Home Economics
The Cafetorium
(Picture from 1954)
(Prior to addition)
The Cafetorium
(Picture from 1963)
(after addition)
Plaque marking completion of building.
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