Hughes Public School
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In the 1962-63 school year the Hughes Imps went undefeated for the first time in the history
of the school.  Members of the 1962 Undefeated Imp Team were: Rickey Beene, Walter
Fowler, Glen Brazeal, Ronnie Davis, Keith Wilson, Sammy Beasley, Al Lofton, Larry Clary, Thom
Beasley, Sammy Oswalt, Rosco White, Jewel Ford, Don Jones, Scott Till, Jack Jones, Tommy
Ashby, Niles Stackhouse, Terry Wiggington, Dickie Don Meador, Larry McCullom. Jerry Clark,
Jerry Chism, David Foster, Hubert Lee Blanton, Warren Casey, Bobby Walton, Sam Ashworth,
Larry Ward, Lonnie Calaway.

New faculty members added this year were:
Mrs. Nelda Maxcy, Social Studies
Mrs. Jackie Cunningham, Social Studies
Mrs. Sarah Galyean, 2nd Grade
Mrs. Ted Harrison, 2nd Grade
Miss Aileen Brazeale, 3rd Grade
Miss Etta Ussery, 4th Grade
Miss Elaine Watson, 6th Grade
Miss Linda Evans, Music