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1970-71 brought many changes to the Hughes School. The most important was that the
Mildred Jackson School and the Hughes School were combined. Regardless of race all
students from the 1st through the 6th grade went to Mildred Jackson and those in 7th grade
through the 12th grade went to the Hughes School. Unlike many schools across the nation
there were no real problems at the Hughes School.

This combining of the schools saw many traditions of both schools that had been around for
decades disappear. Gone were the "Favorites", "Who's Who", Senior and Junior Plays, and
even the Jr. Sr. Prom. Although problems were expected the only real issue that year among
the graduating students was that those who had attended Mildred Jackson for most of their  
school life, wanted a Mildred Jackson class ring, not a Hughes Class ring. The school finally
made concessions and let the 1971 graduates decide on which ring they could choose.

On February 5, 1971 Longtime School Board President and 1959 Acting School
Superintendent Bert Claud Pouncey, II passed away.  Mr. Pouncey was president of the
Hughes School board from 1946-1971.  He is remembered in the 1971 Hughes High School

During the previous year the Smith Hughes Building (Agri Building) was removed and a new
industrial arts building was added to the existing High School where the Smith Hughes
building was located. This was the second major addition to the High School since 1957.
Included in the new addition were several classroom for the Speech Dept.  The new addition
opened in September 1970.

New members of the faculty in 1970-71 were:
Mr. Arzel Robins, Principal, Physical Education
Mrs. Adlea L. Hardin, Librarian
Mrs. Gerry Newman, English and Speech
Mrs. Shirley Williams, English
Mrs. Lynda Wise. English, History
Mrs. Barbara King, English
Mr. Howard Bailey, English
Mrs. Carol Brozak, English
Mr. Nickey Farley, Social Studies
Mr. Raymond Newman, Social Studies
Mr. M. C. Carter Jr., Social Studies
Mrs. Cordelia Carter, Social Studies
Miss Jo Henderson, Social Studies, Spanish
Mr. W. E. Allen, Math
Mr. Willie Bowens, Math
Mr. Don Holloway, Math
Miss Deloris Jackson, Science
Mr. Jimmy Williams, Science
Mr. Lloyd Linn, Industrial Arts
Mrs. Duvall Moore, Business Education
Mr. Bill Faulkner, Band Director
Mr. Solon Anthony, Special Education
Mrs. James Prescott, Study Hall Supervisor
Miss Brenda Smith, Physical Education
Mr. Larry James, Physical Education
Hughes Public School
Photo of the 1970 addition to the High School building.
(Picture is from 1971)
Plaque marking completion of building.
(Click on image to enlarge)