Other Items made by Lensey
Not all made under the "Matchbox" name.
(Please note none of the items shown below are from my collection)
Between 1947 and 1953 Lesney Products & Co. LTD produced many varied items before the Regular Series was started in 1953.  Shown below are just a few.  The
most popular of that time period was the Coronation Coach of Queen Elizabeth of which over one million sold.  The next most popular was the Bread Bait Press a real
hit with anglers of that time.
Road Roller
Prime Mover
Milk Float
Rag and Bone Cart
Jumbo the Elephant
Conestoga Wagon
Massey Harris Tractor
Bread Bait Press
Coronation Coach
From 1953-1971
One of the earliest spin-offs of the regular series was the cardboard play set known as the Roadway Series.  The Roadway Series is quite varied and popular with
collectors.  Lesney created many varied gift sets over the years with some mixing different lines in one set.  When the Yesteryears were first produced in 1958, a new
line opened that offered gold or silver plated yesteryear cars bolted to a presentation set such as a pen set, cigarette case or ashtray.  This line took on a life of its own
and there are untold number of variations.  In the nineteen-sixties several new items were introduced,  Such as The Picture Puzzles, Interlocking Home Display Case,
the Matchbox Traffic Game, and the Build-A-Road line of which only a few variations were ever produced.
One interesting addition to the 1968 line was the Matchbox Motorway.   It combined the thrill of slot car racing with the standard Matchbox car.  An expansion set was
added soon after. This information  just covers a small amount of all the different products Lesney made.  Another area that bears mentioning is the items created for
dealers, such as displays and dealer catalogs.  Those items in superb condition are highly sought out by collectors
Roadway Series
Gift Sets
Presentation Sets
The Traffic Game
Matchbox Picture Puzzles
Matchbox Motorway
The Interlocking Home Display
A few examples of Dealer Displays