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James Nelson "Jim" Walden
Hughes High School Class of 1971
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I created this website in 2010 from school records kept by
Miss Julia McKemie (Hughes School Counselor 1947-1982)

Since that time I have endeavored to add more content as it becomes
available. Contributors are too many to mention but if you have
something that you wish to add to this website please click the "JNW"
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Website Advisors:

Exec. Advisor: Teddy Ray Neighbors, Class of '71
Asst. Exec Advisor: Karen Cook Wallis, Class of '85

Other Advisors::
Libby Baker Fletcher, Class of '62
James "Butch"Rainey, Class of '73
Carlla Ford Arbuthnot, Class of '71
Calvin Stackhouse, Class of '59
Frances Goacher Creekmore, Class of '62
Rickey Beggs, Class of '76
Jeff Crum, Class of '84

Lincoln E. Barrett '07

Information Contained Within this Website:

The Hughes School yearbooks:
1942, 1951-1991

Senior Composites:
1938-1943, 1947-1982

The Student Printz:

Faculty Memorial

Class Memorial

Videos of School Related Events

Student Handbooks
1961 and 1980

School Photos
and Clippings

School Items

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