Richard Longsworth Dedman

Born: May 2, 1907 Arkansas City, Arkansas
Died: January 6, 1980 Memphis, Tennessee
Dick and a Baby 1910
Dedman Home
Arkansas City, Arkansas 1917
Dick with his sisters, Lillian,
Manila, and Alice 1912
Dapper Dick at 8
Dick 8th Grade Graduation Certificate
Dick in the 30's
Baptismal Certificate 8/6/1930
Dedman Family 1938
The Dedman's at there home in Whitehaven
Dick Selling Radio and TV Parts in
Blytheville, Arkansas 1959
Dick's Patent for the J(jean)O(oneal)R(ricky)D(donna)E(eula)
Still looking for pictures of Dick's
Manhatten Project Involvement  (Sorry
must still be in boxes)